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Health and Safety

Nemjon is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all people and stakeholders involved with our works, along with a commitment to ensure our activites are not harmful to the environment or greater community.


Our overall objective is to minimize hazards and to maintain minimal impact on the environment. Specific Objectives:

  • No harm to any persons or the environment
  • To work in a responsible and sustainable manner
  • Develop and maintain regular workplace inspections and reporting procedures
  • Encourage all employees, contractors, sub-contractors and stakeholders to take an active role in the development of safe working practices
  • Ensuring that all employees, contractors, sub-contractors and other stakeholders involved with Nemjon project’s understand and comply with all applicable legislation and regulations relating to HSE and any relevant plumbing and gas codes.


Nemjon will meet these objectives by ensuring:

  • All employees, contractors and subcontractors must have obtained their “Safety
  • Awareness Training Certificate” before commencing works on site.
  • All employees, contractors and subcontractors must have obtained certification before operating machinery and equipment.
  • The work team is totally committed to a safe and healthy work environment through continuos consultation, communication and involvement in decision making relating to HSE programmes.
  • Any incidents are to be immediately reported to a Nemjon supervisor, investigated and documented in the provided Nemjon safety file.
  • The provision of Material Safety Data sheets to all employees, contractors, subcontractors and stakeholders.
  • Regular maintenance of all machinery and equipment.
  • Testing and tagging all electrical equipment.
  • All vehicles are provided with appropriate first aid kits and fire extinguishers.